Sunday, May 25, 2008

Feeding the Ducks

Today we went out to Lake Alexandrina to feed the ducks. Jack was a little cautious to begin with but soon got used to them. They certainly were not shy ducks - they came really close and tried to steal the bread out of Steve and Jack's hands. One of them was so friendly he gave Steve a wee bite on the finger. Jack had so much fun throwing the bread into the water, that he didn't want to stop. He broke his last piece of bread into crumbs to throw to the ducks, and when that had run out he decided the ducks might like some stones to eat.

Our Search for Snow

On Thursday Jack and I got a sled out of the Toy library in the hope that it would snow. MetService had predicted snow above 400m. Anyway it didn't snow. So on Saturday we went searching for snow. We drove up to Round Hill ski area and found some snow and played on the sled. First time down Jack was not so enthusiastic - but after that he loved it.

Autumn Leaves

Last week Jack and I went outside as it was lovely day - not too cold (which happens rarely here at the moment) and we played in all the leaves. Jack had a ball. he was sitting in the leaves and throwing them up and running through them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Been sewing again...

I had these nappies ready to make for Jack for ages - so I thought I had better finish them.
one has a digger embroidered on the back - thanks to one of the lovely ladies from The Nappy network and one is a Bob the builder one.

James' 2nd birthday

Well James turned 2 on the 5th of May - the same day Jack turned 18 months old, as they were born 6 months to the day apart.
James had a wee party on Sunday and he got a guinea pig for his birthday. Andrew made him a red gumboots cake. The kids had so much fun playing with the guinea pig.

Mothers Day

Sunday was Mothers Day and also Stewart's birthday so we had lunch with the family. Jack enjoyed talking ( and poking and prodding) to his new cousin Samuel. Who quite happily continued to sleep despite the constant poking and prodding. Jack also enjoyed watching TV with Reuban

Orana Park

We headed to Chch this weekend as our friends were heading down from Welly for the weekend and there were a few other things on. We headed to Orana park on Saturday Morning. Jack had a ball with the animals. He especially liked watching the otters - However was not so keen on the Giraffes getting close to him.
We met little Daniel for the first time, and he is very cute.
Saturday night we left Jack with his Gran and Grandad and went out for tea with Andrew and Phil.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sophie's 1st birthday

A couple of weeks ago we went to Chch for Sophie's 1st Birthday. Jack had to dress up as his favourite book character we decided he would go as Bottomley Potts, so when we were in Dunedin we went to spotlight and bought some dalmation fur and I made him a dalmation suit.
Sophie looked very cute as Hairy Maclary and her cake was a Hairy Maclary cake too.

More Nappies...

I've been sewing nappies again - 2 nappies for a swap, and 1 nappy for a friend.
Had to give the red and black one away - now will have to make a yellow and blue one for Jack. He's got to support the right team.

My Little Bookworm

Well Jack was 18 months old on Monday, and he has suddenly decided books are cool. He would have me read to him all day long if he could. He tries to get the books out of the book case, which is fine if it's the bottom shelf, but he has worked out how to get to the other shelves too.