Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eczema remedies - and a giveaway!!

Now some of you that know me may have heard me talk about the amazing Eczema creams that I have been trialling with Jack. Well I can now tell you a bit more about them. For those of you that know Jack IRL - will know that his legs were totally covered in Eczema, so bad that he used to scratch till he bleed most nights. I had tried everything in the way of creams - most offered some relief for a short time and then stopped working. I tried double rinsing all our washes, i tried not having baths everyday, tried oils etc in the bath. but nothing worked... til now.

After a week of using the cream his legs were pretty much healed up. There was a bit of scarring that took a bit longer to deal with. BUT his skin felt smooth - not bumpy, red, scaly and dry. We now only use this when he gets a bit itchy.

Check out the website
I have 3 tubs of this cream to give out to 3 lucky people.
For 1 entry - follow my blog and leave a message saying you are following
for another entry leave me a message telling me why you would like to try this cream and check out www.sodeenaturals.com and tell me what other product you would like to try

They are currently doing a great shipping deal of $15 to NZ no matter how much you buy - so gather all your friends together and try them out.


Aimee said...

Yes yes yes, we need some of this cream for miss 7.5! Her eczema just wont go away :( She scratches it so much in her sleep that her skin bleeds. She has had RAST and skin prick testing done with nothing definate showing up. So frustrating for both her and us adults.

Tanya said...

Wow, that stuff looks great! I would love to get some for DH to try cause nothing he has used so far has made much of a difference.

Tanz said...

Wow what an incredible difference its made in such a short time. Dh and I both suffer from eczema. We've tried alsorts of creams and potions both natural and otherwise. with very minimal difference. The body butte sounds like it would smell devine.... think ive found a new website to start spending on :)

Sally. E said...

I would love to try this on my baby. I want to find a natural product that works before I resort to the steriod based prescription medicine.

macca said...

I'll let you know Tanz - I have a little basket of goodies heading my way.

Jess said...

I neeed some of this! Feels like I have tried everything with my wee 6 month old girl but nothing works for more than a few days.She is covered in eczema from head to toe and scratches herself to bits whenever she gets the chance. Looks like you've had amazing results with this cream!

lilmonster said...

wow it looks amazing, Thats exactly what my daughters ezcema looks like :(

rootoo said...

Does it count as following your blog if I already have you on my google reader feed thingymajig? lol
I'd definitely love to try some of this for Ollie, so far the only things that really works is oral steroids, which isn't great! But it's sort of under control with a regime of 4 different tubs and tubes of stuff. Woudl love to try something natural instead!

Renee said...

Yes Please! Miss O skin is so dry and nothing seems to be working. I'm off to look at the website now