Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And just because I can - A beautiful View

These are some photos we took on the way home from Mt Cook - It is Lake Pukaki looking very reflective.

Mueller Glacier Lake Walk

Well we decided a father's day adventure was in order so we hooked up with Team Thompson and walked up to the Mueller Glacier Lake at Mt Cook. The journey started somewhat slowly with Daniel noticing that the Thompson V Wagon had a flat tyre. Apparently Grant had been complaining about the wheel alignment all the way to church. hehehehe.
Anyway we made it to Mt Cook, had some lunch and started our walk. That part of the country is so beautiful. We stopped at the monument with all the plaques of people that had lost their lives in the National Park. A bit sad. Then we continued to the massive swing bridge which is quite high and a bit freaky ah Sarah. Had a great time, wouldn't wanted to have walked to much further as I think the kids (and the adults) were done, It's hard work carrying an extra 15 kgs on your back.

Monday, September 8, 2008

HOME at last....

Well we got home Friday afternoon, and Pete, Lizzie and the kids stayed the night, to break the trip up. We headed to round hill on Saturday to take the kids sledding. They had a great time - Dominic didn't want to leave. The snow was great compared to Concrete Peak, so the boys stayed on for a ski and board and Lizzie and I took the kids home for a sleep.
Oh and the view was beautiful from the top of the hill.

Last of the Arrowtown antics

Well Friday we spent cleaning the house before we left. We headed into Arrowtown to get some Lunch before we left. And of course we couldn't leave without having one of the world famous hot chocolates from the Patagonia chocolate shop. They are the best hot chocolates in the world, made from real belgian chocolate and you can get them with chilli too. Mmmmmmm. We also had to have another Jimmy's pie for lunch before we left Central Otago. Time to go home.........
Oh and i couldn't finish without including the cute pictures of the boys playing with Steve's snowboard. And the excitement was all a bit too much for one little boy.

Arrowtown Antics Part 2

On Wednesday we spent the day in Queenstown doing some shopping. We were planning to go up the gondola and go luging but the Luge was shut. So we just cruised around town and then took the kids home for a sleep.
On Thursday there had been some fresh snow overnight so we thought it was a good day to go skiing. Pete and Steve headed up in the morning and I was planning on going up for the afternoon as Ben had been vomiting all night, and didn't really want to leave poor Lizzie with 3 boys ALL day. Anyway the boys were back by 11 as the snow Or ice as it was, was terrible - They are naming it Concrete peak. Must have been bad for the boys to head back, they had been soooo looking forward to skiing. So we decided to go luging. Pete stayed home with poor Ben and we all headed to the gondola. Jack loved the Gondola - he spent the whole trip up yabbering and pointing at stuff he could see. We had 5 rides on the luge which were awesome. Jack loved it. he has no fear. he also loved the little chairlift that you have to ride to the top of the luge track. I think he's going to be an adrenalin Junkie.

Arrowtown Antics Part 1

Well from Dunedin, we travelled to Arrowtown to meet Pete and Lizzie and their kids. We rented a holiday house for the week. We spent most of the day travelling through Central Otago. Which was great as we hadn't been through there for such a long time and it's an area of NZ that Steve and I both have great memories of and love. We really enjoyed reminiscing and of course we stopped in Alexandra and got a Jimmy's pie for Lunch - Mmmmmmm Jimmy's. We would have stopped at the Jimmy's factory shop in Roxburgh but Jack was asleep. We arrived in Arrowtown and went for a walk down to the shops and discovered the Remarkable sweet shop all over again, and they had Mag fizzy wheels. YUM. so had to stock up on them.
On Tuesday we headed over to Wanaka to go to the Puzzling world. We stopped and had Lunch by the lake and Jack and Ben chased the ducks. Poor Ducks.
At Puzzling world we did everything. The illusion rooms were awesome. The room on a slope messed with our balance and we all wobbled around in there for a while bashing into walls. It was funny watching Jack.
We successfully completed most of the maze challenge by getting all the corners, then Jack had a meltdown and was sick of being carried around in the back pack so we didn't find the exit, instead escaping out an emergency exit.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well we are back from a week away. There is too much to tell you about so I might update in a few different posts when I have time. So first of all we travelled to Dunners for Gary and Kerri's baby shower.
Apart from going to the baby shower which Jack had a great time at grooving to Hi5. We caught up with Gary and Kerri and Lana on Sunday and took the boys to the Park. They had fun, but we spied a model railway which we had to go and look at, and we found opened between 1 and 4pm So later in the day we went back and Steve took Jack for a ride - he was soooooo excited, all we heard the whole way home was "Toot, toot".