Monday, September 8, 2008

Arrowtown Antics Part 1

Well from Dunedin, we travelled to Arrowtown to meet Pete and Lizzie and their kids. We rented a holiday house for the week. We spent most of the day travelling through Central Otago. Which was great as we hadn't been through there for such a long time and it's an area of NZ that Steve and I both have great memories of and love. We really enjoyed reminiscing and of course we stopped in Alexandra and got a Jimmy's pie for Lunch - Mmmmmmm Jimmy's. We would have stopped at the Jimmy's factory shop in Roxburgh but Jack was asleep. We arrived in Arrowtown and went for a walk down to the shops and discovered the Remarkable sweet shop all over again, and they had Mag fizzy wheels. YUM. so had to stock up on them.
On Tuesday we headed over to Wanaka to go to the Puzzling world. We stopped and had Lunch by the lake and Jack and Ben chased the ducks. Poor Ducks.
At Puzzling world we did everything. The illusion rooms were awesome. The room on a slope messed with our balance and we all wobbled around in there for a while bashing into walls. It was funny watching Jack.
We successfully completed most of the maze challenge by getting all the corners, then Jack had a meltdown and was sick of being carried around in the back pack so we didn't find the exit, instead escaping out an emergency exit.

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