Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mueller Glacier Lake Walk

Well we decided a father's day adventure was in order so we hooked up with Team Thompson and walked up to the Mueller Glacier Lake at Mt Cook. The journey started somewhat slowly with Daniel noticing that the Thompson V Wagon had a flat tyre. Apparently Grant had been complaining about the wheel alignment all the way to church. hehehehe.
Anyway we made it to Mt Cook, had some lunch and started our walk. That part of the country is so beautiful. We stopped at the monument with all the plaques of people that had lost their lives in the National Park. A bit sad. Then we continued to the massive swing bridge which is quite high and a bit freaky ah Sarah. Had a great time, wouldn't wanted to have walked to much further as I think the kids (and the adults) were done, It's hard work carrying an extra 15 kgs on your back.

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