Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homemade kids clothes swap

On TNN we did a Homemade kids clothes swap. I was given 2 wee girls to sew for. One being very little - only 4 months old and one being 18 months. I love sewing girls clothes for a change from the boys clothes I always seem to be sewing. So I knew I would have fun with this one.
My swaps have been sent off but not quite received and I know they will be received in the next day or so. So lets hope the recipients don't look here.
For the 4 month old girl i made a very cute and teeny tiny little dress from 2 different lots of corduroy. This is a similar pattern to the ones I shared about a couple of months ago. I changed a few bits and pieces with the pattern.

I used cute little flower snaps for the closures.
I ran one corduroy sideways and one up and down for something a bit different.

For the 18 month old girl I made a wee Merino Tunic from a pattern I made up. I kinda went along the same lines as the Charlie tunic but obviously without sleeves, but I liked the way the quilting cotton was a feature.
If I had girls I would have struggled to give these away - they are just soo lovely... Just as well we don't have girls eh....

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Jack and I have been reading this book called Nat Fantastic, which he loves.
Nat turns into a superhero at bedtime when his Mum leaves the room.
Great story by the way. And this is the HELP part of the post... Jack asked me yesterday - "Mum can you make me some of pyjamas just like that?" Hmmmm So where will i find silver fabric suitable for pj's???????? I have had my thinking cap on thinking of all the different ways to do this - Dye??? Won't give the same sheen as a nice silver fabric, If i can find silver fabric suitable for sleeping in then i could print stars on the fabric.... Possibly....
Then I also have to find something similar to the pants....... So hence my HELP moment - any ideas out there?????

I won something!!!

From Wildflowers and Whimsy blog. It's a lovely necklace and 2 cute wee hairclips. I am thinking about giving them as a gift as I know the perfect person to pull them off.
They are a lovely turquoise colour - which just happens to be one of my favourite colours at the moment.

They arrived beautifully packaged up with pink tissue paper and a ribbon around it.

Wildflowers and Whimsy
is an awesome blog - go and check it out.