Friday, April 24, 2009

One Toilet Trained 2 year old and a whole lotta nappies

Well on Sunday afternoon Jack decided it was time to use the potty - despite us trying every month since Christmas to get him on the potty. he had a couple of accidents on Sunday but by Monday he had it sussed, no accidents, went to Preschool on Tuesday - no accidents. I was amazed that it happened so quickly. People had told me that they will do it quicker when they are ready, which is apparently quite true. This morning he woke with a dry nappy even. I wasn't planning on thinking about training him at night at least until we can wean him off that huge drink of milk he has right before bed :-) Anyway I had to go out on Thursday and was a little nervous taking him out as he was happy to use the potty but not so keen on the toilet, so I whipped up a pee pad for the car seat on Wednesday night in anticipation.

And Jack went to Gran's while I went and bought an all important Wiggles seat for the toilet. With that sussed he is now using the toilet as long as he gets to sit on Murray lol.

So I guess I get I get a couple of weeks off washing nappies until the baby arrives.
And on that note I have been busy sewing nappies for the baby. I am trying fitteds and covers and pockets this time

2 OSFA Pockets

Monday, April 20, 2009

Only a week late

On easter Sunday Jack had his first easter egg hunt. Last year he was a bit little to understand what was going on so this year we hid a few eggs around inside and outside and told him to find the eggs - well he has eagle eyes and while Steve was giving him clues for one he had found about 3 others . He now knows what chocolate is. lol. We hid 6 little ones and his big one with a cool breakfast set. He had a great time. Then we headed off to church where he got more eggs.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally some sewing finished

I feel like I have a million unfinished projects at the moment and so many more to do. I have 4 weeks until my due date and so much to do. But finally I have some finished. I did a swap with a friend on TNN. She sent me a merino gogo bag for the baby. So now I have 2 gogo bags - can wash 1 and still have one to use. I made her some clothes for her little girl, who is a little bit younger than Jack. So here they are a V neck argyle vest and long sleeved merino top and black trackpants made using a double sided polypropylene knit - so cosy and warm. I put little velvet flower iron ons on the trackpants and top. It was my first time using the grommets for the cord elastic but it was sooo easy to use and makes them look sooo much more professional. The trackpants pattern was one I invented myself ( I kinda morphed a couple of patterns together so hopefully it fits well) . It was also the first time I used a Guide foot on my coverstitch machine (thanks to Claire letting me borrow hers). It gave a much more professional finish and know I know I NEED to buy one. ;-) So i had to put a close up of the stitching and the grommets and cord elastic.

Also made a little bolero and pair of cord pants. I also found this funky elastic at Kutwells on my last trip and thought it was the perfect finish for the pants. I finished the bolero with a cute wee crocheted flower over the closure. Obviously it needs a top underneath too - but I don't really have girls tops to use for photos (only little boys clothes in this house)

My next projects to finish are nappies for the baby, Winter Pj's for Jack, trackpants and hoodie for Jack, bassinet blankets and hopefully a finished quilt some time soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jack goes Quack

Well the Wiggles are in town and of course Jack is a huge Wiggles fan. So we headed to the Wiggles concert this morning for the first Chch show at 10 am. Well Jack had a great time.
We arrived a tad early which was good as we got a chance to get Jack a big red car and a Captain feathersword Hat to go with his Feather sword he had bought from home.

He loved seeing all the characters - but I think Captain feathersword was his favourite.
He enjoyed watching and dancing but his favourite song was the Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack Cock a doodle doo song. The whole way home in the car we heard "Quack, Quack mummy". "Daddy - Quack, Quack"

Friday, April 3, 2009

Patchwork and other works in progress.

Well I finally took my camera to patchwork class and took a photo of Jack's Quilt in progress. Still have to trim up edges, sew blocks together and put a border on, then the batting and quilting begins - which I am a little nervous about. I was hoping to have it finished before the baby arrives but might be pushing it now. We will see how I go.
I also have been doing sewing for the baby - I made him a merino wrap and hat. And have finally made a start on his nappies, which I started to sew on Wednesday and then realised that I didn't have enough Microfleece so made a trip to Kutwells yesterday with a friend from TNN which was fun.
I also have a bassinet blanket to make. And little baby gifts as 2 friends had their babies this week one on the 30th and one on the 31st.
I have also been working on some clothes for a swap with a friend from TNN but I'm not revealing those until she has received them - don't want to spoil the surprise :-)