Friday, April 27, 2012

KCWC Day 4 - Disaster hoodie.

This hoodie started as a bit of a disaster really.  I only had just enough fabric and then I had to cut the 2 hood pieces separately, which was where things went wrong.  Not thinking I cut 2 hood pieces both on the same side.  DUH!!!.  When I went to put them together I realised I had 2 of the same side. So I chucked it aside and left it until I had the patience for it.  I finally decided it was time to finish it off before  Mr 5 grew out of it.   So I cut down the size of the hood enough that I could get one cut out the right way from the wrong piece.  Then i added a brown panel in the middle of the hood.  Whew, saved.  I used ooga booga knit on the inside of the hood.    Make sure you check out all the other things that bloggers around the world have been making, over in the Elsie Marley flickr group.  

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