Sunday, January 30, 2011

So clearly...

I suck at schedules.... In my last post I had scheduled to do the Kitchen declutter and organise further down the track. But with school starting again tomorrow - my mind has been trying to find things to do that somehow drag my mind away from lesson planning and the reality that I DO in fact really have to go back to work tomorrow.
So anyway I started trying to sort out the pantry. Here are the before photos - sorry the first one is so bad - not sure what happened there

I am currently working on reorganising it. I purchased some sistema containers and have been busy putting things into containers and I also hope to convince my wonderful man that he could build me a vegetable box for the bottom of the pantry. I will update soon with photos and we will see how the convincing goes.
oh and while I am at it - i have been working on some dresses as presents for a couple of special little girls. The first one is for little Lily for her first birthday, and the other is for a friends wee girl Georgia who is turning seven. They are as always for me a hash of a few different patterns with several changes to them. - I can't seem to stick to just one pattern at a time. Hopefully i will have some modelled pics for you at some stage too.


Claire said...

your pantry looks much better than mine! purty dresses 8-)

macca said...

Thanks Claire - it was probably something to do with the fact that it was the day before we were due for our fortnightly shop so the cupboards were pretty bare