Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some highlights of the Christmas holidays so far 

Friends, family and good food always make for an awesome Christmas time. We had a pretty relaxed Christmas Day. And by relaxed I mean really relaxed - well enough for me to fall asleep on the couch in the afternoon only to be shot in the eye by my darling son with his new water pistol. And his answer was "Daddy told me to". He's learning really quickly about shifting blame.
Christmas Day involved a very excited 4 year old running down the hallway checking the tree then running back to our room to very loudly exclaim that Santa had left lots of presents under the tree.
I asked him if perhaps he had seen the huge sack on the end of his bed as he jumped up out of it, and so off he ran again to find it..... the rest of the day consisted of opening pressies, church, eating, water fight, sleeping on the couch (well me anyway) and then eating some more.
It was a lovely sunny day amongst a week of not so flash weather that caused floods around the country.

We had Steve's parents here for Christmas day which was lovely. We had managed to have an early christmas with my Family in Dunedin due to a sad occasion which was the death of my grandfather. We traveled down to his funeral and had an early christmas with everyone the night before the funeral. It was lovely to have a Christmas with all my family together despite the circumstances. Here's some pics from the Dunedin Christmas....

The boys all dressed up ready to go to the funeral.

Well here's the rest of our holiday in photos

Kids fishing day out - Jack's first Salmon

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