Monday, June 23, 2008

Visitors From Home

On Friday Jase, Tracey, Cass and Thomas came down for a visit. They also brought with them Tracey's sisters Tania and Paula and Paula's Husband Thad and kids Michael and Blakeley.
We went ices skating on Saturday. We tried to take Jack on Ice skates but he was less than impressed and didn't want to go near the ice. Cass quite happily skated along with Jase.
We had an awesome Roast Lamb and chicken on Saturday night and settled in to watch the All blacks thump England.
On Sunday we went up to the cafe at the top of Mount John. We had a drink while the kids happily played. Then we went to Lake Alexandrina to feed the ducks.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Outfit for Ava

I made this outfit for a friend on TNN's wee girl Ava. I really hope she likes it. Printed Corduroy pants lined with pink merino, and a merino top with a velvet iron on and cute lettuce leaf edging on the bottom - done on my new overlocker.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Snow fall

Well we got our first snow fall for the winter yesterday. It started at around 4:30 and snowed heavily through the evening. When we went to bed it was already -2 degrees. Today we headed out to play in it. quite a bit had disappeared overnight - but we still had fun. we built a snow man on the deck. All Jack wanted to do to it was push it over. We went sledding in the back yard, but decided it wasn't enough of a hill, so we headed across the street to an empty section which is a bit steeper. Our friends came over and we had sled races.