Thursday, May 26, 2011

Helicopter Party

Well Charlie has turned 2, and apparently he can get up to more mischief now that he is 2. Well actually technically he wasn't quite 2 when he got up to the most mischief. The night before his birthday party he decided to play with the bike chain and get his finger jammed/crushed in the chain - well mainly because his brother was pedalling it backwards while it was leaned against the wall. I honestly thought he was going to lose his finger - of course Steve and Mum had gone to get Fish and chips hadn't they - so I frantically rang our neighbour who whipped down and demanded a wrench which is actually easy to find in our house thank goodness, and he managed to get the finger out. So a trip to the doctor and a bit of strapping and he's all ready for a second birthday party the next day. So this is actually where the real post begins. He is mad about Helicopters - or "choppers" as he calls them. It just so happened that one flew over head on the morning of his party and his little ears prick up and off he runs yelling "chopper, chopper, chopper " you get the picture. So a helicopter party was in order
I made a rather lame cake - just a square turned helipad with Steve's remote control helicopter on top. - I know lame eh....

Anyway I made some cute cupcakes and some chopper pops (need to do a tutorial on those - super cute eh) and of course all the other cute party food.
We hired a Quad bike - simply because hiring a helicopter proved to be a bit harder than a Quad.

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