Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 1

Well day 1 of kids clothes week saw me spending a few hours finalising things for a Fashion parade that was held last night at the Musterers Hut. I have sewed about six outfits for this in the last week and the kids did an awesome job - it was a showcasing of different clothing designers from around the area. I had 3 kids and sewed 2 outfits each for them. They looked gorgeous. Now of course i took photos right - ummmm ooops NO. I forgot my camera. Typical I was in such a rush to get out the door I forgot to take it. However there were lots of people there taking pics and have asked a friend to forward some on to me. So as soon as I receive them I will update this post. The oldest wee girl (A) was wearing a Two Little Taniwha red merino hoodie with her own skinny jeans. The other wee girl (K) was wearing a Pink merino top with apple print and a double layer skirt and red merino leggings. The wee boy (J)was wearing a green merino hoodie with a helicopter print on it. Both merino hoodies were lined in the hood with a stripy Cotton Lycra and i also used this to bind the arms and the hood.
The second outfits were (A) a pillowcase dress with her own leggings and a pink merino top with a ballerina print (not that you could see the ballerina). (K) was wearing a retro round yoked dress made with a gorgeous Michael Miller cord and a lovely Aqua cord to match. She was wearing the same wee pink merino underneath and some Aqua and cream striped merino leggings. (J) was wearing a merino top with a Robot print on it. Now you are probably wondering why my boys weren't up there modelling - well Jack plain refused to do it and Charlie is just a bit little yet.
Stay tuned for pics.... (providing it's Ok with the kids parents ;-))

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