Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Soup Project

thanks to the lovely Blogger having a meltdown - I am way behind on my normal KCWC posts so thought I may as well post this while I am at it. Then I will post the rest of my KCWC stuff.
I have been a part of the S26 Soup project lately. Soup is a website where you can be a part of various trials and samples. I was lucky enough to be picked to do the S26 trial and seeing as my darling little boy won't touch cows milk this was the perfect trial for us. It was quite interesting watching his response as he has mostly been on the same 2 formulas since birth mainly for fear of trying a new one and him not liking it. He took a suck and then looked at me like "what is this?" then took another taste and then guzzled the bottle.
It's definitely something that we would buy again and I love the little ready to go milk cartons for when you are going out. Although the little sachets are also great for taking out places. Charlie is nearly 2 but is quite attached to his bottle. Jack was the same but finally decided he'd had enough just after 2 so will be interesting to see if Charlie does the same.
They also sent us a wee cookbook which was awesome - with lots of recipes with S26 in them, great if you have picky eaters and need to get those nutritional bits into your kids diets.
Thanks Soup and S26!!

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