Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family photos

We had some photos done by Natasha C photography and they are great photos -only problem is now we have to choose which ones to get. would highly recommend her for all you canterbury people.
Check them out here

Go to the client login - password is melissa. There are 22 pics. Use the wee arrows in the circles at the side of the photos to go down.
make sure you comment and tell us which ones you like - might help us make a decision. ;-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Summer is a coming

Well I have been busy sewing and thinking about summer clothes for the boys. Especially over the last few days as it has been about 24 degrees. Also we have a stack load of birthdays in September and October, so have been making pressies for everyone.
Here is an outfit for Charlie for Summer
I am loving my coverstitch machine at the moment it - just makes everything look so professional.

An outfit for one of Jack's wee friends 3rd birthday.

Nappies for Charlie - these are made from Minky and PUL film. Minky is the softest most divine fabric I have ever seen and felt. I used the PUL film one the inside to make them waterproof. Alot of people had been having trouble sewing the PUL film as it is just a thin layer of Polyurethane laminate. But I glued it to the Minky with a adhesive spray and overlocked together and had no issues what so ever sewing it.

Some normal nappies and some bibs for a friends baby who was born 5 weeks early.
Oh and an All black nappy for a nappy swap that o was a part of. And I got a large Minky desert camo nappy back.

All of the kids from our antenatal group are turning 3 so we have had heaps of birthday's - here is a barbie outfit for one of their pressiesAnd a skirt for Barbie - I used a barbie from when i was a kid to get the sizing right.

I also made these biscuit mixes and matching teatowels for Jack's preschool teachers when he left his preschool in Rangiora. I got the idea from this website - Bakerella

And some shorts for my nephew Riley's 1 st birthday.
And just cause I can and because they are so cute - a photo of the 4 boys together (our 2 and my brother Gary and Kerri's 2)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

On the Move again

A lady at Church today called us transients - well I guess she may be partly right. We are on the move again. Not that we planned it this way, but after Steve was made redundant in February all our plans went out the window and we moved into survival mode. And anyway God has plans that we don't know about obviously. Anyway Steve got a job as a Building Inspector for the Mackenzie District Council based in Twizel. It seems we can't stay away from the area. It is a fantastic career move for him. And a fantastic move for us as a family - we really enjoyed some fantastic family time while we lived in Lake Tekapo and plan to enjoy the area again. It's a great area and there are so many things to do - we already have plans to apend alot of time at the lake over summer and enjoy some walks, hunting and probably even fishing even though neither Steve or I really enjoy fishing - Jack came home form Preschool after they had been playing a magnetic game of fishing and wanted to go "real fishing", so we will give it a go - although to be honest I don't think Jack has the patience for fishing.
Now to sort out all the finer details like renting our house (which is pretty much done) sorting moving companies and finding a house to rent. All this with a 2 year old and a 3 month old. The thought of moving makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it. but I am looking forward to the other end when we can sit back and enjoy the lifestyle.