Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have finally gotten around to drawing some winners for the Eczema cream. Sooooo who are our winners you are wondering....

Well they are
I will Email you all now - I really hope this makes some difference for you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eczema remedies - and a giveaway!!

Now some of you that know me may have heard me talk about the amazing Eczema creams that I have been trialling with Jack. Well I can now tell you a bit more about them. For those of you that know Jack IRL - will know that his legs were totally covered in Eczema, so bad that he used to scratch till he bleed most nights. I had tried everything in the way of creams - most offered some relief for a short time and then stopped working. I tried double rinsing all our washes, i tried not having baths everyday, tried oils etc in the bath. but nothing worked... til now.

After a week of using the cream his legs were pretty much healed up. There was a bit of scarring that took a bit longer to deal with. BUT his skin felt smooth - not bumpy, red, scaly and dry. We now only use this when he gets a bit itchy.

Check out the website
I have 3 tubs of this cream to give out to 3 lucky people.
For 1 entry - follow my blog and leave a message saying you are following
for another entry leave me a message telling me why you would like to try this cream and check out www.sodeenaturals.com and tell me what other product you would like to try

They are currently doing a great shipping deal of $15 to NZ no matter how much you buy - so gather all your friends together and try them out.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Last day at Kindy

Last weekend we celebrated the 5th birthday of the big sproglet. He had a few rough days leading up to it with nerves about going to school but once the birthday was here he was very excited. He woke up with a spring in his step for his last day at Kindy. We had a very special party at kindy with a playdoh cake that they make specially for their last day at Kindy and we made a rainbow cake to take to kindy to share with his friends.
I used this tutorial The teachers at kindy had put together a slide show of photos of his time at kindy which was lovely to see.Stay tuned for the pirate party post