Sunday, January 30, 2011

So clearly...

I suck at schedules.... In my last post I had scheduled to do the Kitchen declutter and organise further down the track. But with school starting again tomorrow - my mind has been trying to find things to do that somehow drag my mind away from lesson planning and the reality that I DO in fact really have to go back to work tomorrow.
So anyway I started trying to sort out the pantry. Here are the before photos - sorry the first one is so bad - not sure what happened there

I am currently working on reorganising it. I purchased some sistema containers and have been busy putting things into containers and I also hope to convince my wonderful man that he could build me a vegetable box for the bottom of the pantry. I will update soon with photos and we will see how the convincing goes.
oh and while I am at it - i have been working on some dresses as presents for a couple of special little girls. The first one is for little Lily for her first birthday, and the other is for a friends wee girl Georgia who is turning seven. They are as always for me a hash of a few different patterns with several changes to them. - I can't seem to stick to just one pattern at a time. Hopefully i will have some modelled pics for you at some stage too.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Right I am writing this here so you guys will be able to keep me accountable. One of my goals this year is to declutter and organise big time in this house. So what I am planning is to give each room a month to get decluttered. So I thought why not start now. So I started with Charlie's bedroom yesterday. I cleared out 4 bags of baby clothes for my sister, listed a whole lotta stuff on Trade Me, and took a bag of stuff to the op shop. Charlie's wardrobe is looking so much better, actually so is our walk in wardrobe. So this is my schedule: Technically I wasn't planning on starting till February, but started Charlie's early - probably just as well cause his will take the most work as it has all the baby stuff to get rid of.

February: Charlie's room
March: Jack's room
April: Our room
May: The Kitchen
June: Lounge and dining room
July: the sewing room/sunroom
August: The bathroom and ensuite.

So technically by the end of 2011 this end should be well and truely decluttered and organised, which I am looking forward too.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hmm a bit sad really

After just doing a post I looked at my blog and the little followers badge on the side and realised it really is quite sad that I only have one follower - I am thinking that maybe I need to bribe people to follow my sad, lonely old blog. What do you think, a competition in order....?

Look what arrived

in my mail box.....
These ones are for a skirt for me

These ones are for the peek a boo bags for Jack's hot wheels stuff and his marble run stuff.
This one is for some girls dresses
And these ones -well i just liked them and it's so hard to find nice boy prints I thought they'd be nice for pockets on some pants etc.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year, new organisation

I have been undertaking a big reorganisation of the sewing room - I was a bit to eager to get into it and kind of forgot to take before photos but do you want to see what it looks like mid organisation.
Here you go

I purchased a whole load of new magazine boxes for organising my sewing mags and books etc. I need to collect some more jars for small things. I also need to make some fabric baskets for storing cards of ribbon and trims etc.
I will update you on progress when it is finished

I also plan on reorganising my pantry as it is so messy - oops. Need to buy myself some mew containers and relabel etc. But might wait till i shout myself a label maker so i can label them all nicely.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First fruits of 2011

This afternoon Steve dug up the rest of the potato crop which was awesome a whole supermarket bag full. Last crop before on Christmas Eve was 2 shopping bags full and 14.8 kgs worth.
And On the sewing front I have sewn up a few wee bits for Jack lately. between his birthday in November and Christmas he has lots of new toys that need a storage spot in his room so I found this tutorial and made him one of these for his dinosaurs. I plan on making a few more yet.

He also requested a Dinosaur tee shirt so last night while he was sleeping I whipped up this one
What do you think?? He loves the rainbow dinosaur.

January's project list

I seem to be on a roll at the moment with my sewing - might have something to do with the fact that it's school holidays so i therefore don't have any work. Although I DO need to get into some planning very soon...
However I seem to be zooming through my project list this month so i thought I'd post it to keep myself accountable.

-Finish at least 10 Ruby dresses for markets
-Finish 10 singlets for markets
-Finish 3 peek a boo bags for Jack's toys
-sew some covers for Jack's big Euro cushions
-Finish 20 Rain ponchos for Jack's Kindy
-sew a Lego mat for Jack (although may not be till next month depending on fabric availabilty)

Notice that the operative word is Finish (might indicate that I "may" have a whole load of UFO's (Unfinished Objects- for those not up with sewing terms).
I must say I'm not doing to badly so far either
have finished
4 Ruby dresses another 2 just waiting for binding
5 singlets just waiting to be printed or appliqued
1 Peek a boo bag
also a dinosaur T shirt for Jack ("might" have been something to do with a bit of bribery and corruption to get the boy to go to bed without calling out)
Stay tuned for some pics when the camera battery is charged

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some highlights of the Christmas holidays so far 

Friends, family and good food always make for an awesome Christmas time. We had a pretty relaxed Christmas Day. And by relaxed I mean really relaxed - well enough for me to fall asleep on the couch in the afternoon only to be shot in the eye by my darling son with his new water pistol. And his answer was "Daddy told me to". He's learning really quickly about shifting blame.
Christmas Day involved a very excited 4 year old running down the hallway checking the tree then running back to our room to very loudly exclaim that Santa had left lots of presents under the tree.
I asked him if perhaps he had seen the huge sack on the end of his bed as he jumped up out of it, and so off he ran again to find it..... the rest of the day consisted of opening pressies, church, eating, water fight, sleeping on the couch (well me anyway) and then eating some more.
It was a lovely sunny day amongst a week of not so flash weather that caused floods around the country.

We had Steve's parents here for Christmas day which was lovely. We had managed to have an early christmas with my Family in Dunedin due to a sad occasion which was the death of my grandfather. We traveled down to his funeral and had an early christmas with everyone the night before the funeral. It was lovely to have a Christmas with all my family together despite the circumstances. Here's some pics from the Dunedin Christmas....

The boys all dressed up ready to go to the funeral.

Well here's the rest of our holiday in photos

Kids fishing day out - Jack's first Salmon