Sunday, January 23, 2011


Right I am writing this here so you guys will be able to keep me accountable. One of my goals this year is to declutter and organise big time in this house. So what I am planning is to give each room a month to get decluttered. So I thought why not start now. So I started with Charlie's bedroom yesterday. I cleared out 4 bags of baby clothes for my sister, listed a whole lotta stuff on Trade Me, and took a bag of stuff to the op shop. Charlie's wardrobe is looking so much better, actually so is our walk in wardrobe. So this is my schedule: Technically I wasn't planning on starting till February, but started Charlie's early - probably just as well cause his will take the most work as it has all the baby stuff to get rid of.

February: Charlie's room
March: Jack's room
April: Our room
May: The Kitchen
June: Lounge and dining room
July: the sewing room/sunroom
August: The bathroom and ensuite.

So technically by the end of 2011 this end should be well and truely decluttered and organised, which I am looking forward too.

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