Friday, April 24, 2009

One Toilet Trained 2 year old and a whole lotta nappies

Well on Sunday afternoon Jack decided it was time to use the potty - despite us trying every month since Christmas to get him on the potty. he had a couple of accidents on Sunday but by Monday he had it sussed, no accidents, went to Preschool on Tuesday - no accidents. I was amazed that it happened so quickly. People had told me that they will do it quicker when they are ready, which is apparently quite true. This morning he woke with a dry nappy even. I wasn't planning on thinking about training him at night at least until we can wean him off that huge drink of milk he has right before bed :-) Anyway I had to go out on Thursday and was a little nervous taking him out as he was happy to use the potty but not so keen on the toilet, so I whipped up a pee pad for the car seat on Wednesday night in anticipation.

And Jack went to Gran's while I went and bought an all important Wiggles seat for the toilet. With that sussed he is now using the toilet as long as he gets to sit on Murray lol.

So I guess I get I get a couple of weeks off washing nappies until the baby arrives.
And on that note I have been busy sewing nappies for the baby. I am trying fitteds and covers and pockets this time

2 OSFA Pockets


Anonymous said...

Yay for the toilet training. I wouldn't worry bout the big milk drink before bed. I've cut Cam's down to 120mls, and he's been dry at night since day training a month or two ago as well. He just pees ALOT in the morning. I used PUL film between two sheets of flannel for a waterproof underblanket (cheap).

Love the new nappies :-)

macca said...

Aha Thanks Viv - have lots of PUL film I can use - I was thinking about a waterproof underblanket