Monday, September 8, 2008

Arrowtown Antics Part 2

On Wednesday we spent the day in Queenstown doing some shopping. We were planning to go up the gondola and go luging but the Luge was shut. So we just cruised around town and then took the kids home for a sleep.
On Thursday there had been some fresh snow overnight so we thought it was a good day to go skiing. Pete and Steve headed up in the morning and I was planning on going up for the afternoon as Ben had been vomiting all night, and didn't really want to leave poor Lizzie with 3 boys ALL day. Anyway the boys were back by 11 as the snow Or ice as it was, was terrible - They are naming it Concrete peak. Must have been bad for the boys to head back, they had been soooo looking forward to skiing. So we decided to go luging. Pete stayed home with poor Ben and we all headed to the gondola. Jack loved the Gondola - he spent the whole trip up yabbering and pointing at stuff he could see. We had 5 rides on the luge which were awesome. Jack loved it. he has no fear. he also loved the little chairlift that you have to ride to the top of the luge track. I think he's going to be an adrenalin Junkie.

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