Friday, May 29, 2009

Introducing Charlie.....

Well our new wee man finally arrived on 22nd May at 3:51pm. He weighed 7lb 13oz and was 55 cm long. He arrived into this world pretty quickly. My waters were broken at about 1pm and contractions started- I walked up and down the stairs till 2pm to get things happening a bit faster. Then things started to happen and contractions came about 2-3mins apart until he was born at 3:51pm. I was really proud of myself for doing the whole thing with no pain relief.
We named him Charlie David. Charlie was a name we really liked and David is my Grandfathers name.
Charlie and I spent 3 nights in Rangiora Hospital, while Steve and Jack had some father/son bonding time. He is absolutely gorgeous and is already doing amazingly well waking only once in the night for a feed. Jack absolutely loves his little brother and keeps saying "It's OK Charlie" and gives him kisses.
Just born

getting ready to leave CWH

Jack meeting his little brother
The Boys

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sweetp said...

He's gorgeous, well done. Cant wait to meet him in person!