Thursday, August 13, 2009

Been sewing again.

Well it's been a while since I updated here with any crafty updates probably because we have been a tad busy with Charlie and Jack. Anyway i have actually been sewing. I sewed a sling for my Midwife for her scales. She was fantastic so i thought i would try and make her a wee gift. Jack and I also baked some yummy Strawberry and choc chip muffins for her.

I have also been busy sewing a birthday pressie for Leanne and Andrew's wee girl Emily as she turned 5 in July. So I found this awesome bag in a magazine and decided to make it for her. She loved it and took it to school to show everyone.

Jack was in desperate need of some good pants - We seem to have heaps of trashed preschool pants and only a couple of pairs of good pants for wearing out. So I whipped him up a pair of cords with little pockets down the front - apparently the perfect size for Matchbox cars.

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