Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well we made it...

to Twizel. The day we arrived it was snowing ( not very heavily - but still snowing) which reminded me of how extreme the weather can be here. We have been so busy since we arrived - unpacking, sorting, exploring, enrolling and more. Jack has just started preschool on Tuesday. We couldn't get him into Kindy as there is a rather large waiting list. So hopefully he will start Kindy next year, but in the mean time he is doing 3 afternoons in preschool ( afternoons was all that was available) He seems to really be enjoying it. It's always a mission trying to get him to leave. We moved into a house which was on the market and has now been sold. Although the new people sound like they might be keen to keep us on as tenants, but we have also put an offer on a house - so a bit unsure as to what is happening with the living arrangements at the moment but hopefully things will be sorted soon and we can start to settle down. I have started a sewing class at the school to meet some people and have just started sewing some stuff to sell at the local christmas market they have here. Looking forward to the summer and lazing around at the lake.

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