Thursday, January 14, 2010

What a slacker

I have been. I haven't updated for ages. Life has been really hectic around here lately. So much has happened I almost don't know where to begin. Charlie is just about 8 months and is into everything. He got his first tooth on Christmas day.

I have officially started selling my kids clothes although at this stage it is still low key, I have some stock in The Musterers Hut here in Twizel and in Ecomoon Boutique in Nelson. My label is called Two little Taniwhas. I am currently working on more stock for Ecomoon as I have only managed to get a few samples sewn for the shop so far.
I am currently working with a designer who is designing some labels for me. Looking forward to getting those printed, and will be working on getting a website/blog up and running some time soon.
We had some Our friends Jason, Tracey, Cass and Thomas come visit the week before Christmas which was great. We spent time at the lake, the river feeding the salmon. We met them at Antenatal group when we had Jack. It was great, Jack and Cass play so well together and apparently Jack is planning on marrying Cass.

We also spent alot of time leading up to Christmas making pressies for everyone. We had decided that we would attempt to make the majority of pressies. So Steve made Jack, Reuban and Sam some handy Manny toolboxes. I made Here are the christmas Photos we took of the boys. I made Riley some Clothes, and Brayden a Lego mat. I made Mum and Marilyn a merino top each. I also made some crayon rolls - 1 for Daniel Robertson, 1 for cass and 1 for Thomas.

Here are our christmas photos of the boys

Christmas here was a very laid back affair. My mum joined us and then Steve's parents joined us for tea. We had a lovely lunch sitting out on the deck in the lovely sun.
The boys were very spoiled, but they had a great time. We spent some time down at the Lake in the afternoon to burnoff some of that Lunch.

Marilyn and Stewart arrived down for a visit over New years. Steve and Stewart did some firewooding and took Jack fishing. We went down to the lake and had a picnic and a play.

This week the Cropps visited and we spent time doing all the same stuff. It was just like old times sitting out on the Deck having a BBQ with the Cropps and the Thompsons, only there were 10 Extra children and we were eating way better than in the old days. There was 10 Extra children because we also had our nephew Ethan staying as well. (normally only 9 children)

So things have finally settled back to normal, Jack is back at Preschool, Steve is back at work, and I am frantically sewing, packing and de cluttering as we are moving again in another month to a long term rental as this one has been Sold.

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