Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March - the month...

March is going to be an awesome month - yesterday I won a weekend away at Bluewater resort in Tekapo - Yes the very one that Steve was construction manager on. So one weekend this month we will whisk our little family off to Tekapo for a weekend away, which will be lovely. I would like to think that this month is going to be a productive month for me - but I see myself probably working a bit more than my 2 days a week that I normally do with an extra 50 students that have enrolled at school from Christchurch.
My project list for this month consists of
Finishing 20 Ponchos for kindy and that is it. If I get time which I doubt I will then I will start some winter clothes for the boys and some extra stock to put on Felt or in the Musterers Hut.

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