Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The absence....

Well you have all probably been wondering what on earth I have been doing. Or maybe not just enjoying your summer. Well this is the reason for my absence....

We are in the middle of building a house and between that, the kids, school holidays , sewing. I seem to have no spare time to post. But I need to make an effort to do this. It keeps me sane.
So we are just about finished. Painter starts this week. I can't wait to see some colour on those walls, we have a bit of a red theme running through the house. We are having a red feature wall in the Kitchen with a red splashback and red pendant lights - can't wait to show you how it looks. We are mostly keeping it pretty neutral with a few splashes of colour here and there.
Here is our RED, the boys are having a feature wall each - Charlie is having blue and Jack is having green ( very dinosaur like don't you think??) Charlie is having a construction themed room and Jack is having a dinosaur themed room. They are so looking forward to moving in and seeing their new rooms come together. I am also loving lighting plus's new limited edition light shades that match perfectly with our resene colour.
Our neutral colour is half napa. I promise I'll try to be a bit more active here over the next few weeks updating you with how it's all going.

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