Thursday, July 31, 2008

The big snow of 08

Well today is Steve's birthday and I gave him what he really wanted for his birthday - 1/2 a metre of snow. What a cool scene to wake up to on your birthday!! Anyway on the way home from netball last night it started to snow. It was quite thick and I wondered momentarily if we might be in for a big one. We couldn't believe it when we woke up this morning to that much snow. It is still snowing, but has slowed down a bit. Jack, Catherine and I went for a walk down to the church to take some pics. We just about lost Jack in the snow. Nah just kidding - we could still see his upper body - lol.
It crazy how hard it is to walk in that much snow - especially when you are the size of Jack.
I think that this would be our 12th snowfall this year.

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sweetp said...

Wicked!!!Very impressive