Monday, July 14, 2008

Rugby + Chocolate Mmmmmmm

We went to Dunedin in the weekend. Steve and a workmate were going to the SA and All Blacks test. It was also the opening weekend of the chocolate festival.
We headed down on Friday - Jack slept to Oamaru, so we stopped there to find a playground to give him a bit of a run around - we went to the botanic gardens and found an awesome playground and an aviary and a duck pond. he didn't want to leave.
We headed out to the Mad hatters Tea party at the Dunedin Museum on Saturday Morning. There were tables and tables of chocolate, chocolate milk, ice cream etc. They had activities like face painting, art activities, a story teller, chocolate games and a visit from Shrek and his friends. I was really annoyed I forgot to take the camera. Because there were so many awesome photo opportunities - Jack absolutely loved the story teller and her monkey puppet. Then Shrek and friends came out. Jack was watching puss in boots and laughing at him when Shrek was behind him and he tapped on Jack's shoulder a couple of times and Jack turned around to see him and completely freaked out. I think it just gave him a fright to see a big green thing so close to him when he turned around because 10 mins later he was up dancing with Shrek and friends.
We caught up with some friends we hadn't seen for ages later in the day. and then Steve headed out to the Rugby. He went out with the Arrow guys from Dunedin for a drink first and then he came home and got me and we headed to the referees association for a drink. We came home at 6:30 and mum had made a roast. Then Steve headed back out to the game. The joys of mum living so close to Carisbrook. The other joy is you can see the score board from the end of her driveway. Mum and Lana enjoyed catching up with Jack again. We headed home Sunday, but stopped at Twizel to catch up with the Thompson Clan who had just moved to Twizel from Dunners on Saturday. They were amidst a sea of boxes. Don't you love moving....

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