Friday, August 22, 2008

Mystery Parcel

Jack and I went to collect the mail yesterday and we were greeted with a nice Yellow card in our PO Box - which means you have a parcel that doesn't fit in your box. So we went inside to the post shop and the lady there presented me with a massive box and she said "sorry it's not addressed to you it's for your husband". Gutted, all these thoughts had been racing in my head about what exciting parcels I might have. I did however notice that it had a 1 Day sticker on it.... Aha busted. Anyway I rang Steve and he said i wasn't allowed to open it until he got home. So it sat there all afternoon and I wasn't even tempted to open it. Steve got it out when he got home and Jack's eyes lit up - he loves parcels. Jack and Steve ripped into it and it was A MASSIVE SLOT CAR SET. Hayden was around for dinner, So the boys spent most of the evening racing.

Sorry about the bright spots in the pics - Steve's reflective vest was hanging over the chair.

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