Friday, August 29, 2008

YAY - winter holiday

Well we are finally off for our much anticipated winter holiday. Every year for about four years we have headed to Queenstown with the same group of friends for a winter holiday. Skiing and lots of fun stuff - YAY. We couldn't make it last year as we had just moved to Tekapo. And this year Steve and Mid can't make it as they are due to pop out a sprog any day now. So us and Pete and Lizzie and their kids are off. We are heading to Dunedin first for Gary and Kerri's baby shower on Saturday then up to Queenstown to meet the others.
Here are some pics of some of the stuff I made for Gary and Kerri's baby ( another nephew- yay)
I made a little merino top, sleeved bib, fitted nappy and cover, pocket nappy with insert, wipes.
I also included Lamaze toy, woollen hat, socks, booties, Osh Kosh outfit, bib, and little cleaning things for bottles etc.

Well we are off, shall update you when we get back, there might even be some baby news from Mid and Steve and Leanne and Andrew by the time we are back....

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