Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well it's been a while ...

It has been far too long since I updated our blog. The reasons being - we are expecting our 2nd child on the 9th may 2009, and I have been very tired and not sleeping well - hence very little time and energy to update here. It has been a very busy few months with a new nephew being added to the family. Riley Allan Bridgman was born on the 23rd of September. He is very cute.
Our friends Andrew and Leanne also had their 3rd child - William Andrew - born on 15th September. And last of all, our friends Steve and Mid had their 2nd child - Caleb Samuel -born 12th September. So it has been a busy few months with lots of baby boys. We have done numerous trips to Dunedin, Chch, and Timaru. It will continue to be busy from now until Christmas. We have Jack's 2nd birthday in a week - wow I can't believe he is 2. 2 years have flown by. We also move back to Rangiora on the 28th November. Which is exciting - can't wait to be back in our own house. We spent last Saturday planting the vege garden there. I can't wait to have a vege garden again as it is just about impossible to grow veges here - with a short season and frosts and possibly snow right up to Christmas.
Anyway will try and post some photos next time.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, must have missed that announcement on TNN. Big congratulations!