Thursday, November 6, 2008

My big 2 Year old

Wow 2 already. Where did 2 years go? Yesterday was Jack's 2nd birthday. We all had a fantastic time. Steve and I had spent Tuesday evening setting up his Train table and train set. Which I think Steve quite enjoyed - as he changed the track set up about 3 times. Jack got up about 7:20am and we took him out to the lounge - he opened one pressie and played with that. We had put a sheet over his train table. So he poked the head under and came out exclaiming "Toot, Toot" with great excitement. So we pulled the sheet off and that's pretty much where he spent most of the morning while I baked a cake to take to Playgroup. At 10am we headed out to Playgroup. and he had a cake there. He didn't seem to overly impressed that he was the centre of attention.
We were planning on going out to the community bonfire and fireworks but decided it was too windy for fireworks so settled in for a early night. At 1:30am the Fire siren went off. Luckily Steve isn't a volunteer fireman (was thinking about it) so didn't have to get up.
Anyway here are some pics of my big boy.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jack!