Sunday, December 7, 2008

Big Update

WOW it has been ages since I have updated this - You would think that I am getting really slack - but we basically haven't stopped since the last post. We had Jack's 2nd birthday party and all our friends and family converged on Tekapo for the day. It was an Awesome day - about 30 degrees and not a breath of wind. There were about 15 - 20 kids in total, with 2 of them being girls (poor things).
Then we went into moving mode. Jack had his last day at Preschool in Timaru and I had a couple of weeks work teaching an hour a day at Tekapo school and finished the last day the day we shifted. We shifted last weekend. Although at the moment Steve is still working in Tekapo and travelling home at weekends. Jack and I miss him lots. He will be home for good at Christmas.
We had an exciting 18 months in Tekapo and we met some great people. We were sad to leave as it's such a lovely place to live. But on the other hand glad to get home to our house and friends and family. And we have 18 months of babysitting owing. ;-)

This weekend we went to Steve's work Christmas do. It was great - we had lunch at Orana Park where we were based. Jack spent most of the time chasing around the ducks and another wee girl about the same age as him. We then headed to Tanks for everything and had a ride in some Tanks. Jack loved the Haaglund ride. He almost fell asleep when we were riding in the back of an armoured personnel carrier, so wasn't overly impressed when we stopped for a look and had to get back in it. It was a great day although we had a very tired little boy at the end of it.

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