Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Craftiness

Well I have been busy at the sewing machine since I managed to get it all unpacked and set up. I finished 5 peasant tops for a friend on TNN and a wee outfit for her niece for christmas. The shirred top can also be a dress to start with and then a top.
Before I left Tekapo I also whipped up some beanbags for the playgroup there which I had been meaning to do for ages. I only took a pic of a few of them. I had also finished my Wool swap and sent that off early October as i knew we were shifting and didn't want to get caught up in the craziness, but no thanks to NZ post as they managed to loose it in the post, so I am busy trying to dye some more wool etc before Christmas. I took a pic of the wool I dyed last time and I am going to try to recreate the same look and colours - wish me luck.

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