Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TNN Secret Santa

Well i finally sent my presents for The Nappy Network secret santa which were only a couple of weeks late. Ooops Sorry to my secret santa person. Anyway I made a pair of shorts and a singlet set stencilled with a little helicopter (or chopper, chopper as Jack calls them) for a little boy who is a couple of months older than Jack. I made his mother a necklace in a little calico bag and bought some yummy Lindt chocolate. Mmmmmm.
And a few weeks ago we arrived home from Steve's work do to our secret Santa parcels on our doorstep, maybe someone local. Anyway I put them inside and went and unloaded the car and came back inside and a certain 2 year old had already ripped into mine. We got some lovely gifts - I got a knitted bag which has become my knitting bag, some yummy chocolate ( Lindt - my fav), a mag, some cool christmas soaps and a treasures the first years book. Jack got a pair of Joel eze training pants - which will be perfect for our upcoming toilet training adventures.

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