Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Ozzie Adventure

Well last Saturday we boarded a plane and flew over the ditch for a late summer holiday. It was rather warm leaving Chch and I was hoping it wasn't going to get to much warmer, as pregnancy and heat don't tend to mix well. It was a nice 29 degrees which was bearable compared to the 40 degree temperatures we had been getting in Chch. We spent days shopping, swimming, visiting Dreamworld, Seaworld and the beach. Jack was fantastic and loved every minute of it, although we did learn that he is fearless and will give anything a go. He is a complete water baby and would spend all day in the pool given half a chance. He absolutely loved Wiggles world at Dreamworld and had a ball on the big red car ride and Dorothy's teacups. He also loved seeing the kangaroos or "woos" as he calls them. He rode the rapids ride and loved it. At Seaworld he loved the sharks, the dolphin show and the water park (of course). We went to a 4D show which was a tad scary for him, but he seemed not to bad once we took the 3d glasses off him. Although he certainly didn't scream like the 6-10 year olds around us.
We stayed at the Paradise resort which had a fantastic Kids club - which Jack loved - he had a couple of sessions while Steve and I did some shopping. It was all going to plan until we got to Coolangatta to check in to come home and our flight had been cancelled due to Birdstrike - seriously BIRDSTRIKE. The plane coming over had hit a bird leaving chch and had to turn back. So we had 2 options -1- bus 1.5 hours to Brisbane, stay night and catch direct flight at 8:10 am next morning and arrive home at 2:40pm 2- go to Coolangatta - 5 mins away and stay night and catch flight to Auckland at 8:10am, wait a couple of hours then fly to chch. and arrive home at 5pm. So we chose the direct flight, toddlers and airports don't really mix well. Apart from our flight dramas we had a fantastic time.

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