Friday, February 20, 2009


Well mine arrived on my doorstep yesterday. It is Gorgeous. I reallllly love the wool.
The theme was "Easy as" So the wool was dyed in my favourite colours for little boys - blue and brown (there might possibly be some black in there too). There was a book of family friendly recipes - always useful especially when Steve needs to cook when the new Baby arrives ;-) There were some little magnets with little sayings on them and some gorgeous girly stitch markers - as mothers of boys need some girly stuff - very cool. The pattern was for the Pure and simple baby cardy which I think I might get Mum to knit up as I think I am too slow to get it finished before this baby arrives. There was also a pattern for some booties. There was also a little pressie in there for Jack and the new baby which was a book and a Gwenda Turner Frieze. We were sooooo spoiled.

I also got my Swap sent away. The theme I did was Winnie the pooh and the Blustery Day. I printed out a picture and took the colours from the sky of the pic. I dyed the wool in shades of pink, blue and greyish purple (actually used black dye but tried to make it quite weak to make it greyish). I made a wee book bag from Pooh fabric and found the Winnie the pooh book (had to buy a second hand copy as it is really hard to source - Whitcoulls could have ordered it from the States but was going to take 3 weeks to get here). The pattern I sent was for a Stormy rose girls vest. I also sent a Winnie the pooh colouring book for the recipients kids. The picture of the wool is not flash - the colours are better in the pic with the whole parcel.

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lazandrae said...

ahh ha!!! found you!!! thank you so much! i love it!!!