Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vintage Country Fair

Yesterday we headed to the Vintage Country Fair at McLeans Island. It was really cool - felt kinda like being in a time warp - everything was really old - even had old fashioned candy floss. We went with some friends and the kids had a ball. The kids rode some penny farthing bikes, and went on the old train. They also rode the little model railway ones - which I think they enjoyed more than the big train. Jack went on a carousel - which Steve and I both thought he was going to fall off- but no he held on for dear life (was having a ball as well - grinning at us every time he went round). There were heaps of old cars, motorbikes, machinery - It was boys heaven. We have a busy week ahead of us with the wiggles Concert next weekend so expect photos next weekend. I am hoping to post some pics of some sewing I have been doing at some point during the week as well. And of course only six weeks till this baby is due to be here - not that I expect it to come on time :-)

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