Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Once upon a time swap

On a forum I am on we recently did a Once upon a time swap. The guidelines were something for your child that had something to do with their favourite books. I got given 2 wee girls to do swaps for - one that was 15months so wasn't totally into books yet but loved Ladybugs - so I googled ladybug books and came up with Ladybug girl so i took my inspiration from this picture and I made a merino top and attached some satin ladybird wings and made a pair of undies and attached a tutu. SIMPLE... hmm well the tutu was an interesting experience. I used my friends tutorial and that made it very easy to do. I would have struggled without it i think.

The other wee girl is 4 and she liked books about princesses. I wanted to make something that was practical to wear out but also a bit princess looking. So I went with a drop waisted peasant dress, and made a princess hat to match.

Then it was time for my boys to receive their swaps.
I had put down the Jack liked "Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs" books. So Jack received a Bagfull of dinosaurs and a dinosaur costume, all beautifully made. He absolutely loved all of it. He wore the Dinosaur mittens for most of the day every now and again he would "Rawwrrrrr" at us pretending to be a dinosaur.
Thanks to Louise for his awesome swap.

Charlie received an awesome swap too. I had put down that he loved reading books with diggers, trains, planes, helicopters, buses etc in them. So my swapper Viv made the most gorgeous wee quilt for Charlie with transport vehicles on it. he loves it so much. Thanks Viv.

I was so impressed with the level of workmanship of this swap - it was awesome!!!
Thanks guys for a great swap

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